How long will it take?

Typically between 5 days to 12 weeks depending, of course, on the size and detail of the project.

Carrying out landscaping work at different times of the year has different advantages and disadvantages. Work in the colder and wetter months can take longer to complete  - but the work is being done in the part of the year when you usually spend less time outside. The finished result will be completely ready for the new spring and summer to enjoy. Carrying out the work in summer is a far easier and quicker task for landscapers  - but you will typically experience a longer lead time and you lose the time you could be spending outside enjoying your new space! The best time to carry out your project is what works best with your own personal situation and arrangements; there really is no single ‘best’ time.  This is something we will talk about when we meet.

While a professional design is recommended for the best outcome, certain smaller or discrete projects may not need this level of service. If you have already thought through a plan and understand what you want we may be able to work from your plan and a scale drawing. A professional designer, however, will ‘read’ your space and give you the best outcome for the space by its size, location and surroundings.


Yes, it is very common to landscape only a proportion of your garden. You may love most of your garden how it is and just want to extend or freshen up an area in it, such as adding a new pathway, creating a new patio or putting one in place of an existing one, etc.  We’ll always give you our best advice and designs - no matter how large or small your project is!

Payments are required at different stages to fund the progression of your project, and these naturally vary according to the length and complexity of the project. All payment stages and amounts are discussed and agreed together, when we provide your specific quotation.

We provide all of our clients with advice on how to maintain their finished projects and, if required, help to source businesses which offer regular service care.

Yes, Zenscape are licensed for waste removal and we quote to remove and dispose of all waste material from your project.

Yes, we are fully insured.