how we work

Every project is different - and your project revolves around you, so we take pains to make sure we really understand you, your space and your requirements.  Projects could be completed in under a week - or up to four months for the larger undertaking.  Most costs are from around £10,000 to over £100,000 for a few really complex and involved operations, but there really is no ‘typical’ project.

We’ll start by coming along for a general chat, to find out the sort of plans, ideas, requirements and budget you have.  Most projects are fairly loose at this stage, so we’ll listen, suggest and explain. We’ll find out what you like - colours, shapes, plants and spaces; we’ll meet your family and discover what they would like.

Then we’ll go away, maybe having taken some photos or samples, and we’ll come up with three or so rough outline designs.

We’ll meet up again, and we’ll go through the ideas. What usually happens is that you, the client, find that different elements of each design are just right - and that one or two elements are plain wrong, now that you see them!

Up to now, everything is done at no cost and with no obligation;  if you want to commission us to a final design we’ll make a charge to continue, which we'll discuss with you.

The final design (which can of course be tweaked if you continue with the landscaping) is presented for your consideration; we’ll have a rough idea of costs at this stage, but if you want to go ahead with the project we’ll then work out a full costing and time schedule. We’ll then agree start and estimated finish dates, deposits and payment schedules - and then we do everything else!