Complete Garden Redesign – April 2023

Welcome to our latest challenge, the complete redesign of a full garden out near Sleaford. This will be a real ‘watch this space’ project over the coming few weeks as work progresses – and as things appear, if not out of the woodwork, then out of the undergrowth!

Looking Back and Forwards – April Report

Well, what an exciting few weeks: we’ve been looking back (to last year!) and forwards to really great things! Last year we started the planning and groundwork work on a really large project. It will have a huge pond in a wild flower meadow with a bog garden, an underground rain water harvesting kit to […]

Decks, Drains and Gardens – a March report

Well, since the colder weather of January, we have been enjoying somewhat higher temperatures and been working on a number of different projects. Before the colder weather seemed to leave, we worked on a large decking and fencing construction for a client. Although this was a ‘normal’ project for us, the size of the decking […]

Snow, tax – and no plants! Stories from 2021

Well, we’ve had a busy first month for 2021 – not helped by some of the cold weather on odd days. We’ve managed to complete three different projects, one of which was quite interesting: part of the project was, unusually, agreed with HMRC to be zero-rated. This project was designed to improve access for a disabled client; his partner […]