Zenscape, one of the area’s premier garden landscaping operations, is now looking for new starters, people who may be considering an apprenticeship as the first step towards their new career and people who are able and more than willing to share our passion. Not only enjoying a job well done, but creating something out of nothing. It’s a bit fanciful, but it’s akin to being a magician: you start with a blank sheet, and – with the client’s input – you create a nature wonderland. A wonderland tailored precisely to the client’s specific needs, but with your expertise adding the colour – literally and figuratively.

We’ve been working in this field for many years and have a reputation that is second-to-none – with a portfolio of projects to match. And we’re happy to be paying over the odds for the right people. We’ll provide training as required (and a full accredited apprenticeship if you feel this could be the start of your new career).

We hope you get a feel for the passion we enjoy in this business – as without the passion you really won’t make the grade. But if you think this could be for you, if you’re willing to give it a try, we’re more than happy to chat. Come with us for a few hours and see what we do, and what the opportunities could bring in terms of specialisms.

You do need to be part of a team, able (eventually!) and willing to put your hand to anything if the need arises, whatever your particular specialism. You’ll be honest and resilient and have a sense of humour (working in the mud and rain can be a real downer sometimes…). You’ll be willing to learn and develop - ­and you won’t be a clock-watcher. We pay generous overtime as required, as the job doesn’t always end when the clock strikes five. And you’ll want to delight the customer and to achieve the same passion for the job – every job – as we do.

This is not a labouring job, a stop-gap for the summer, a job because you couldn’t find anything else. It really is a vocation, a game changer, a new way of living. If this could be you, we’d really love to talk… This is how we started, many years ago. And we’d love to pass on those skills and desires to new people; to help others to see how landscaping and garden design can be so satisfying, creative and worthwhile.
If you think this could be you, but you really aren’t sure, then get in touch. All we want is passion. We can provide the rest – the tools, the training, the opportunities.

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