Looking Back and Forwards – April Report

Well, what an exciting few weeks: we’ve been looking back (to last year!) and forwards to really great things!

Last year we started the planning and groundwork work on a really large project. It will have a huge pond in a wild flower meadow with a bog garden, an underground rain water harvesting kit to supply water to the garden, extensive sandstone patios and paths with oak arches and lighting, and two new driveways. This is one of the most ambitious projects we have handled recently and when finished will be a delight – to the owners but also to our team of dedicated craftsmen who have been working so hard to get everything just right. Further updates will come over the next couple of months. Although we have handled each of the components of this project many times, it is rare to get them all coming together in a single project, and this has required a great deal of planning, project management and careful budgeting in behalf of our client.

In other news, Travis, our ‘plant guy’, has passed his Horticultural Landscape Operative exam towards his level 2 NVQ with distinction, scoring 92%, so our hearty congratulations to him! Just as important as the actual qualification, however, is his clients’ gratitude for some for the planting schemes he has been putting in place.

Travis has his final practical on-site assessment at the end of April, and then we look forward to him receiving his formal qualification.

While talking about Travis, we now have one of the projects from earlier this year coming up for some of its planting now that the risk of severe frosts has virtually disappeared. Here are some pics of the project in its initial planting stage: we’ll revisit this during the season as flowers start to bloom and the shrubs start taking shape.

…and while we are talking about staff, we now have Charlie as a new member of the team. Charlie is a qualified and highly experienced bricklayer; if you look at some of the pics from our recent projects, you can see why we need him! We have just bought him a little van, which will be getting sign-written in the near future, so watch out for him driving around – and give him a wave!