Sleaford Project

Our brief
Our client wanted to create a large family garden, which needed to have the levels landscaped as the garden was at a lot of irregular and uneven heights. The garden had to have an area to entertain and the client wanted to have a lot of lawn space for playing as a family.

Originally the client wanted a hot tub and a swim spa; however, once they discovered that some swim spas can also have all the features of a hot tub, they opted for a larger swim spa that could do it all. We decided this spa was to be sunken, so that the top was just above ground level. Our client also wanted an area for a BBQ and a fire pit. A utility paving area for storage was needed, together with the ability to bring gardening equipment down to the lower level of the garden.

Project approach
This garden of just over 350m2 features a granite patio with a hand-cut graphite granite edging and bull-nosed steps leading into a fire pit and granite-edged lawn wrapped with a gravel path. Retaining walls lead into circular pillar planters to retain the patio at the upper level of the garden.

Cobbles lead down to a sunken swim spa and BBQ area, before joining back to the lawn. Spot lighting was installed to lift the presence of the large trees and the twisted stem laurels; LED lighting was installed under the granite of the seating area in the fire pit. This project took nine weeks to complete.