Dunholme Project

Our brief
Our client wanted to be able to move around their home on paving, rather than the existing mix of concrete and lawn. Manoeuvering prams in and out of the front door was difficult due to the step down from the door – and with a large, open rear garden consisting mainly of lawn, an additional area was desired for the children to be able to play and entertain guests.

Project approach
We used Tegula blocks for the installation of paths at the front of the home, leading up to a large curved front-door step. The paths ramped up to the sides of the step to give access for prams and wheelchairs. The step was constructed out of the same charcoal limestone we chose to install for a large patio area and for all the paths in the rear garden. We installed LED lights into the Tegula kerbs that were retaining the step, for both aesthetic and safety reasons.

In the rear garden charcoal limestone was laid with the Tegula block as a subtle edging feature. This project took four weeks to complete.